Is to develop a global grassroots movement that will help create a social, political, and economic environment conducive for Sri Lankans to:

Work across ethnic and religious boundaries to build a society where all groups trust and respect one another, and live in peace and harmony

Celebrate diversity of all groups, and accept our differences as a source of lasting strength and enrichment

Create a new beginning – informed by our past, but driven by the prospects of a brighter future

Facilitate the understanding and create empathy for those suffering and traumatized by war, and provide space and time required to heal the wounds of the past

Alleviate inequality and poverty in Sri Lanka Facilitate all communities to live anywhere without fear, free of coerced settlement

Understand, accept, and address the legitimate grievances of all communities in order to move forward as a country

Empower communities across the country to be selfreliant, autonomous and productive citizens

Support good governance where transparency and efficiency replace discrimination, lawlessness, and corruption

Institutionalize the practice of both national languages – Sinhala and Thamil, and promote English as a link language for inter-ethnic understanding and to excel in the global economy

Enable and encourage Sri Lankan Diaspora groups to participate in reconciling and rebuilding the country


Foster mutual respect, trust, and friendship among
all communities in Sri Lanka and its Diaspora

8C Charles Drive, Colombo-03, Sri Lanka


Please contact us at info@reconcileandrebuild.org